Thursday, October 07, 2010

1438 - TiMER

So a little pre-amble before my thoughts on the film. After a lovely conversation with a friend of mine on the phone I decided to do the "free month test" at which, if it goes well, will probably cause me to cancel my account. At the end of the month I'll try to gather my thoughts together on the pros and cons of both. The big pro of netflix right now, it seems, it the price as well as the immediacy of watching what you want, when you want. The con to zip is that it takes time to get the film you want via the mail, and you don't always get what you want right away. I think my big worry about netflix is that it has the potential to change/destroy our industry. So I'll enjoy my free month and see what I think by the end of it.
So to the film. This was my first film on netflix. I saw the trailer for it some time ago and was intrigued. The premise being that you can get this thing called the TiMER installed in your arm and it will tell you when you are going to meet your soul-mate (providing your soul-mate also has a TiMER). Great premise. AND they do some pretty clever things with it. I think that they could have explored the premise a little bit more, but I also respect keeping it simple and focused on an individual. I really liked this film - it explored the idea of love in a fresh way but with universal ideas. I especially liked the female leads in the film both Michelle Borth, and the lead Emma Caulfield, who has a Mary-Louise Parker thing going on (which is NEVER a bad thing).
For anyone who likes smart romantic comedies that ACTUALLY explore the idea of love and how it effects people, this is your film. Despite having seen it on netflix it is the kind of film I would pick up in a heartbeat on DVD/bluray.

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Screenwriting Spinster said...

ini heard about this just the other day and I really want to see it!