Friday, December 02, 2011

1652 - The Big C: season two

The first season ended on quite the gut-punch that could have easily been a finale - it was ridiculously strong and made me weep like a child with a skinned knee.  This season ended on a different kind of kick to the gut - but I'll get to that.  And, clearly, here's your SPOILER warning up front. 

I think this show has improved quite a bit.  The first season was good, but this one really stepped it up a notch.  I like that their relationships are moving in new directions and that they don't just keep beating the same horse.  The stuff with the brother and the baby was solid and heartbreaking.  Wonder if we'll see the lovely Cynthia Nixon again.  I like her a lot.  I loved that we saw Cathy dealing with her cancer and getting involved in other patients.  I loved her relationship with her son and husband.  I was meh on the son's sexual issues and felt like the Parker Posey storyline died way too fast.  But the worst storyline, or worst two, come off of the same new character - Mick.  The storyline with Andrea was clearly obvious from the get-go and she was a smarter person than that for it to have never come up.  And the cocaine thing just didn't feel like it fit at all... In fact, if they really have decided to kill Oliver Platt off then they've made a seriously bizarre choice.  He's a great actor and addition to the cast.  Although it would create an interesting dynamic - everyone has been working to mentally prepare for Cathy's death, but it's a death that they weren't expecting that they have to deal with - that I think is quite interesting.  They've renewed the series for another go-around so I suppose we'll get to see how they play it out.  I'll be there. 

All in all a solid season for a show that continues to improve.  Give it a whirl - both seasons are on Netflix.

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