Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1660 - The Myth of the American Sleepover

I remember having seen the trailer for this some time ago and being intrigued.  It's an ensemble piece following a group of teenagers on their last day of summer before school resumes.  It's a very subdued style and it takes it sweet time.  Like teenagers themselves it's a tad bit moody and mysterious.  Lots of restraint here. 
Without going into details and spoiling anything I'll say that the film is full of a lot of really great performances by an unknown cast, however I was far more connected to some stories than others.  Not to say that it's hit or miss by any means, it's just not the kind of film where you're gung-ho for anyone in particular.
If you like coming-of-age stories this one is pretty decent.  It's the kind of film Altman might have made if he'd be interested in teenagers.  It's on netflix should you be so inclined. 

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