Monday, December 26, 2011

1668 - Dreamworks Holiday Classics

Ephraim was up at 4:30am on Christmas morning, and while I don't agree in using television as a babysitter I'm more than happy, from time to time, to curl up with him and watch something that will keep him occupied in the wee hours of the morning and me not having to think too much :)  Given the morning that it was, this seemed like a pretty good option.  Four in the series, my thoughts below:

Merry Madagascar
I've only seen the first film in this series, but what I thought was particularly impressive was how they were able to weave this story into the continuity of the series - play to their big goal while ending in a place that puts them exactly where they started.  This is actually a really solid companion piece in addition to being a nice little Christmas short.

Donkey's Christmas Shrek Spectacular
This was kind of lame, and easily the worst of these four by a wide margin.  I don't think they even bothered to try to string together a storyline, mostly just a few clever sight gags.  Should Ephraim be interested I could revisit the others in this series, but much like Coppola's installment in New York Stories, this is the one I'll skip on repeat viewings. 

Dragons: Gift Night Fury
I've only seen bits and pieces from How to Train Your Dragon but enough to know that they did some pretty wonderful things with the world here.  Much like the first Madagascar one they did a really great job of telling an awesome story that really fit the themes of this world, and still being able to return it to where the story was when we first came in.  Makes me want to try and watch the entire film.

Madagascar Penguins
I know that the penguins were some of the break out characters of this series, and I enjoy them but never loved them the way that some do.  This one falls under the good, not great category. 

Over-all it's the first Madagascar and Dragons that are really quite good and worth seeing if you're a fan of the films that inspired them.  The others, sure if you've got the time and interest.

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