Tuesday, December 13, 2011

1658 - Louie C.K.: Chewed Up

It was an early morning in my house.  Our newborn was not wanting to sleep so I took the little bundle of joy into the man-cave and as she dozed away in my arms I noticed that netflix had one of Louie's older specials, so I dove right the hell in!
I've seen a lot of this special over the years from clips here and there, a lot of them are on YouTube.  A lot of what I could say here I already said in the review I did yesterday for Louie's newest special.  Louie is my favorite stand-up because I think he speaks to me, and he represents me in a way that no other does.  In the way he talks about the horrible things that he thinks, the way he acts or doesn't act.  How he realizes how awesome it is to be a white male, to the way he worries about his children.  If there's a funnier, more thoughtful comedian working today please let me know, 'cause for my money, Louie is the tops.  I'll watch absolutely anything he does.

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