Monday, December 19, 2011

Walks With Men

It's pretty random how I decide to read a book.  Sometimes it's recommended or loaned, but by and large it's because I saw it on a list somewhere and decided to throw it on my library list.  Most often I'm wonderfully surprised (books usually end up on lists for a reason, right?)  But I can't recall how this book got on my list, nor anyone else's… To be fair it's by no means terrible.  The writing itself flows quite nicely, and luckily it's more a novella than anything else, clocking in just around a hundred pages or so, but it's a story that I would classify under "first world problems".  It's about a lazy writer who is uninspired and two relationships she has with men who couldn't be more different.  If that doesn't get you super excited I'm not surprised.  It flows along, has some interesting thoughts, but that's about it.  And even at it's short length I find it hard to recommend.  The author has a slew of books, so I assume that she has a following of some kind, but I found this pretty uneventful and unnecessary.  I can't say that I myself write anything that's life-changing or vastly important, but I was hard pressed to even find a story within these pages.  Felt more like a random selection of scenes cut out of the life of someone who wasn't all that interesting to begin with. 

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