Sunday, December 18, 2011

1662 - Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy

Having been an Apple nerd for as long as I even knew that it was an option to be so, I know the history of the company, the great quotes, etc... so I wanted to watch this to see if there was anything new, some amazing new insight...
Not so much.  The tv-doc often yadda-yadda's through what appear to be some of the more interesting aspects of the stories, and ultimately it only feels like the coles notes.  Never really focusing on anything, outside of the theory that it's that he kept to his hippy roots that made him the success that he was - and perhaps that's true - but it's no big amazing moment to reveal such a thing.
If you're a casual Jobs admirer than this might interest you and give you more to learn about - but if you're an Apple nerd chances are that you already know more of the stuff that they discuss in here.  Not a terribly television documentary, but nothing amazing - mostly feels like they're cashing in.

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