Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Walking Dead - Vol 15: We Find Ourselves

I can't lie - I much preferred it when I was behind on his series and I could read it in spurts.  It's painful having to wait for each new trade to come out.  And if Kirkman is telling the truth about wanting this series to go all the way to issue #300, then we've got literally decades to go with this story.  That's twenty-five years at the rate this comic gets published.  Boggles the mind.
So this particular volume comes on the heels of a great catastrophe wherein the "secured village" was overrun by Walkers and despite an awesome battle, almost no one was lost on the human side, and in true Walking Dead fashion the ones that did died did so in ways that were wonderfully horrifying. 
There's a lot of criticism that this issue didn't have a lot going on.  And to be fair, it didn't.  I think that the whole thing takes place over the course of a single day, but it's also very much a hallway to whatever's going to come next.  The writes of the television series would do good to study this issue to see just how well they deal with the psychology of everyone and how they function within the group. 
I liked this issue a lot - while a shortage of truly exciting set pieces I was happy enough to spend time with these people as they try and figure out just what kind of life they can and should rebuild.  How they should and shouldn't feel about certain things… 
I have no idea where they'll go next, but I'm super excited that Kirkman already has several years worth of material to pour through.  The next volume can't come fast enough for my liking.

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