Saturday, December 03, 2011

1653 - The Muppets Take Manhattan

Found the above photo and couldn't help but use it.  Ephraim and I got through these a lot faster than I thought we were, even though we watched them in sections.  I remember not being particularly fond of this one as a kid.  It's my wife's favorite, and I think it was the first film she saw in the theatre.  I guess for me it just didn't feel big enough - most of it takes place in a diner and the gang is more or less broken up for the majority of the film.  Not to mention they all disband and leave Kermit to carry the heavy load, essentially saying, "We're all going to move on with our lives, but give us a shout if you so happen to find a way to make us all rich and famous".  Kind of makes them all assholes, really... and there are just too many easy plot moves at the end.  Kermit's amnesia is great but them finding him is way too easy.  I know this is a kid's film, but I still think the storytelling was just a tad weak in this one.  Also... I kind of think Miss Piggy is annoying... there, I said it.  And so any time she's mad at him for being with another woman, I kind of like it... :)
I'm railing on this one a bit, but I still enjoyed it enough, it's just not a great film.  I still think that the first one is the strongest of the original three, and I've got a better appreciation of the newest one as well, which I'm going to try and revisit sooner rather than later...

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Screenwriting Spinster said...

I LOVE THE MUPPETS!!! (channelling Animal with that post)