Thursday, December 22, 2011

1664 - The Muppet Christmas Carol

It's funny, having revisited a lot of the Muppet collection recently this may very well be one of my favorite among them.  I think the original is still tops, but this might be my second favorite (will confirm that when I revisit the newest film...).
I was a teenager when my mother passed away at Christmas time and so it was always a bit of a gloomy time of year for me, but if nothing else this was one of those films that could always put a smile on my face and get me into the holiday spirit.  I really do need to find a DVD version of the film as my VHS is starting to get a tad worn...
If you've never seen this it's a real treat - it stays extremely true to the Dicken's story and is easily the Muppet's best (and probably only good) adaptation of a classic work.  Full of catchy and delightful music, and a really solid performance from Michael Caine, this is a holiday classic that you just can't miss.  I love it to pieces!