Monday, June 06, 2011

1575 - Payback

To me Mel Gibson will always be at his best when he's showing off his wonderfully dry sense of humor, and it's in spades here.  I've been reading and researching a lot of Richard Stark lately, mostly the work containing his character Parker (you'll be seeing a review of his first book The Hunter soon).  Here the adaptation is pretty close (or so far as I've gotten anyway) and it's for the better - that book is a force of nature.  There is a scene early on involving a double-cross that plays extremely false to me.  It's actually an invention of the film, not the book, and it just doesn't make a lick of sense why it plays out as it does - that aside this is a great ride of a film.  It's fun, and it puts it's main character through a lot of hell, in a really great way.  Any budding writers would do well to check this film out for how it punishes it's main character and makes you root for them all the more. 
If you've never seen this film and you dig crime flicks and don't have a hate on for Mr. Mel then absolutely give it a shot.  Highly recommended!
Payback  Payback - The Director's Cut (Special Collector's Edition)

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