Monday, June 20, 2011

1582 - Bob & Carole & Ted & Alice

Another big thanks to Netflix to exposing me to a film that I don't think I'd ever heard of, nor likely ever would.  This film is about a married couple who goes to a retreat therapy and comes back with a whole new outlook on life and sexuality, which at first repels their best friends, but then opens up the jar of worms.  And once the idea of them all sleeping together is breached, can they ever be the same again?
It's funny how these films back in the day took their time with their premises.  I dare say that a remake of this would probably chew through this material and need more (exploring more of the after math, I believe).  Elliot Gould is really fantastic here - the whole cast is! (Natalie Wood is smoking hot here.  My word.)  Unfolding almost like a play with lots of scenes that go on much longer that today's counterparts would, it's almost too bad as that's where the real heart of it went.  Where ideas were question and pontificated over. 
More of a sex-drama than a comedy, although I'm certain that someone more familiar with the era would probably get a lot more humour out of it than I do.  This is a little gem that's worth checking out if you like relationship dramas (and happen to have a netflix account).  Warning: to avoid having an awkward conversation afterwards do no watch this with a new (or even broken in) significant other.  But if you're the type that likes to hash it out and have crazy honest conversations, all the power to you!
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice  Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice  Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice [VHS]

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