Thursday, June 16, 2011

Transmetropolitan #9: The Cure

Nine down, one to go.  This series just continues to get more exciting.  There's a decent amount of future-shock commentary, but I think it's grounded in something real and relateable.  Like I've been saying for the last few reviews of these, if you want a more generic review head back to my comments on the first book, in here we're going to talk about what's going on here (the near end of the run). 
So Spider has a new home base and he's on route to starting fresh in compiling his information on The Smiler (the President who is trying to have him killed).  Here's a wonderful description of Spider from one of the other characters:
It's like working for a four-year-old with a massive caffeine high and a permanent and yet very small erection.  And you know what the worst thing about it is?  He's the good guy.
If I have to criticize the series at all it's that the problem is we only see this world through Spider's eyes, and from there it's very clear the the President is an evil bastard, but I think what would be interesting is to get a glimpse of him through the point-of-view of the parts of the country who believe him to be their savior, if only to show how amazing he is at deception. 

One more book left, which I'll get to tonight.  My bet isn't on a super happy ending, but I can't imagine it being nihilistic and grim either.  We shall see...
Transmetropolitan Vol. 9: The Cure

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