Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Seventh: a Parker novel

It will please some of you to know that I finally got off my butt and got a library card.  There is a great library down the street from our place, and my son loves going there (plus I realized that they more or less have everything I want to read and so therefore, why spend the money on buying the book?)  They've also got a large graphic novel selection.  Huzzah! 
So I'm just steeped into these Parker books, they're all pretty tight as well and could probably be read in a single sitting if you've got a few hours on your hands.
This one brings Parker into a heist at a football stadium with six other guys, but after the heist goes smooth as silk the money is stolen.  Is it an inside job from one of the seven guys, or someone else entirely?  With Parker at the helm the criminals are forced to play detectives in an effort to get their seventh of the score back, all the while avoiding the cops for the robbery they committed.
Stark uses a consistent structure in his books that's a lot of fun.  He shifts the point of view of the narrative and it works well here.  I highly recommend this to anyone who digs some solid crime fiction.  Can't wait till the next is available at the library :)
The Seventh: A Parker Novel  The Seventh: A Parker Novel

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