Saturday, June 18, 2011

1580 - Going the Distance

I'm a big fan of a lot of the people in this film - Justin Long, Drew Barrymore, Charlie Day, the list goes on.  This is kind of your typical rom-com about a couple trying to stay together against adversity (this case being a long distance relationship) however it's... I don't know, it's kind of weird.  The tone is a little inconsistent, the film started off on a far more blunt and blatant sexual tone than I had expected (surprisingly enjoyed) but then that just kind of fades away and it floats more into typical rom-com tone - which was a shame.  I found that it foundered a little bit and created obstacles that didn't fit or exist (there's this little sequence involving Long's character concerned about needing to get a tan to look good for his girlfriend, where we've never set up for a moment that she would want such a thing).  I didn't hate the sequence, some funny comes out of it, but I just wanted more things connected more honestly and organically to the core story.  They turn Applegate's character into some kind of neat-freak, which I suppose is meant to be a quirky character trait, but she's entertaining enough with the rest of his stuff that this ultimately feels a bit forced.
Barrymore and Long are the highlights (as they should be) and they elevate the film wherever the script is lacking.  Barrymore in particular is rejuvenated here (for the most part) with an honest energy we haven't seen - her laugh is infectious and honest and really makes you love this pair.
So I don't have a strong recommend on this one, but I wouldn't deter people from watching it either.  
Going the Distance  Going the Distance [Blu-ray]

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