Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Transmetropolitan #3: Year of the Bastard

Finally we're treated to Transmet's first full story arc, and it's a really really interesting one.  If you want to know more about the series in general click the label below and check out a review of the first book.  This story arc is Spider following politics, and it's nasty and fun at the same time.  And we also get our first glimpse of vulnerability by the man, and it comes right at a time that it's needed and it's really quite refreshing.  I was talking to another friend about this series, and they said that they tuned out after a few books because:
I read the first couple. Like the idea, but was turned off by what I take as superficial fashionable nihilism present in Ellis' work. And writer's writing writers as future-gasm heroes... Don't care about the characters and the shock was wearing off. 
And that's a fair review, although I'm still interested.  I can see why this person has come to this conclusion, and I must admit that I was getting there in this installment until the "breath of fresh air" moment that I mentioned above.  I'm going on vacation (yipee!!!) in two weeks time so I'm hoping to get through the rest of the series by then, but we'll see.  So far, so good with this series!
Transmetropolitan Vol. 3: Year of the Bastard (Transmetropolitan - Revised)

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