Thursday, June 16, 2011

Transmetropolitan #8: Dirge

 I'm very glad that I didn't give up on this series.  Looking back it's so bizarre that Ellis started it the way he did.  Although I can see how he might have just gotten really excited about the character and world and needed some time to set that up before launching into a big story.  The way everything has transgressed to this point is really quite interesting.  It feels like a big epic story (I probably said this in a previous posting, but I think this could make an excellent television series).  Take the anger of Fight Club and give it to a character that actually loves the world so much that he's willing to kill himself to get at the Truth.  But he's also an asshole :) 
This particular volume really let us know that there's a ticking clock in the narrative, and it came with some really nice poignancy amongst our heroes.  I love the dynamic amongst Spider and his filthy assistants and the care they have for each other - even if they'll never admit it.  Excited to see how this series wraps up in the next two volumes, bittersweet as it will be.
Transmetropolitan Vol. 8: Dirge (New Edition) (Transmetropolitan - Revised)

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