Wednesday, June 22, 2011

P.E.I.: Day One

God damn I love it here.  Currently I'm sitting outside of our cottage, just a kilometre from North Rustico, P.E.I., breathing in the slightly chilled maritime air and it's just absolutely glorious.  The picture above is the view from our cottage.  Just look at the lovely red soil.  Gorgeous.  I keep telling myself that I could live here, but I think what's more true is it's just that this is a part of the world that I want to visit often.  If I'm smart I'll write something to shoot here and give us an excuse to move out here for a few months.  Now that's what I should do! 
Today was a travel day, so not much to report at all.  Charlottetown's airport is one of those lovely little places (although Sudbury still holds the title of smallest airport I've ever flown into).  What tickled me even more was to think that in a weeks time the royals, William and Kate, will be flying into there.  Our flight landed at 6pm P.E.I.-time and we got our car pretty quickly (even though I'd forgotten which company we did the rental car through.)  We stopped at a little place to eat in Charlottetown called Tai Chi Gardens (vegetarian at that!) and then we got to our cottage with no troubles (thanks to our lovely new TomTom GPS) and Ephraim even fell asleep on the way there as an added bonus!
Looking forward to two glorious weeks on The Island, tomorrow will be more or less settling it, going out for breakfast, getting some groceries, etc... but we're going to try and hit a beach as well and start planning where we want to go and when.  Oh, and we'll probably hit Cows Ice Cream, 'cause it's pretty awesome.

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