Saturday, June 11, 2011

1577 - Modern Family: season two

A little behind on finishing this season, but I've been watching episodes more than once as I'm adding it to my list of television series that I want to write a spec for in the near future.  This show is a monster hit and there's good cause for it.  It's about life, love, insecurities, humility, honesty, deception, selfishness, selflessness, in a world - it's about family.  This show takes the worst aspects of people and finds a way to make them human and hilarious.  To be fair that's not to say that this show is about bad being doing good things, it's actually the opposite, it's about people who, at their core, are wonderful people, but they're also human and therefore flawed.  Just like the most of us.  So there's no surprise that it's struck a chord.  The tone is this show is something wonderfully unique as well.  It borrows the stolen moment format of shows like The Office, but it makes it it's own, and really only does so so that they have an excuse to do the candid interview moments - other than that there has been hardly any reference to the fact that someone is shooting them.  Even the "looks" to the camera in situation have all but disappeared.  It's almost like the show thought it needed that gimmick and is trying to weed it out (except for the interviews - which really do make the show work on an extra level).  The show is a smart comedy that isn't scared to mix in some silly slapstick.  Well worth it, and looking forward to many more seasons of comedy gold.
Modern Family: The Complete Second Season 

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