Saturday, June 25, 2011

P.E.I.: Day Four

So today was kind of a weird day. First off, I'd like to retract a comment from yesterday's post! It would appear that we had shopped at the ghetto Atlantic Superstore and the one on the other side of Charlottetown had, more or less, everything that we're used to from the grocery story near our house. Huzzah! The Island didn't let us down! I also forgot to mention yesterday an interesting Island treat we discovered, chocolate covered potato chips. Yum yum.

Our first stop today was to head to the Cows Creamery. For those that don't know there is a world-famous ice cream store that originates here named Cows. In addition to their ice cream they are also somewhat famous for their awesome line of parody t-shirts. I'll post a photo of a shirt we bought later on in the week. I have to admit, the Factory Tour at Cows was kind of lame. It's a very small factory and they charge you $6 to look through the glass into a t-shirt shop, then the tiny ice cream kitchen, then the cheese storage, and then a spoonful of ice cream to sample. The whole thing takes about 10 minutes. Granted we were there on a Saturday, so it's probably a little more exciting when the rooms are filled with people working, but I have to say that I'd just rather you spend your money on the actual ice cream or one of their fun shirts. Avoid the tour. Lame-o!

Because our pass was good for two days we headed back to Avonlea Village, where both Anne and Gilbert remembered Ephraim (how awesome is that?). And so we did the tourist thing and took photos of him with them. Also kudos to Gilbert for playing ball with Ephraim for over ten minutes (including hitting him in the head). Can't say enough good about this place. Really solid. Please go - it deserves to be supported.

Also something that I forgot to include yesterday from our Avonlea visit. While in the school house we were given some homework to do. Here are some of the more generic questions, just off the top of your head see how many you can answer. Remember all questions are referencing 1908, not the current date:
Name the current Prime Minister of Canada.
Name the current President of the United States.
Name the current King of England.
Name of our present flag.
Why are cars not permitted on the roads of Prince Edward Island?
What are the two main industries in Prince Edward Island?
And before we left, Ephraim had to say goodbye to his (I think) favourite animal, the Donkey, Eeore.
We then headed back to Summerside as we'd read that there was supposed to be a Kitchen Party at the Legion.  Now, from what I've been told Kitchen Parties are supposed to be traditional music and storytelling, instead we got to the Legion (should have been my first clue) to find a band full of over the hill-wanna-be-rockers, filled with middle-aged and over people drinking beer and hard liquor.  Several minutes into it they somehow realized that we'd brought a two-year old in and kicked us out.  Thank the sweet lord.  That place scared me, but it also scared me to leave quickly and upset people.  So we got to the tourism booth in Summerside and asked what else was going on, especially since Ephraim kept exclaiming "Where music go?".  Do not separate that guy from his music.  He'll cut you.  So they pointed us in the direction of the Highland Games.  I have to say that Emily and I get ourselves into some pretty random situations when we go on trips.  For the most part we plan where where to go and what to do, but we're also big fans of going with the flow and giving into whims.  Let's just say that the only thing that trumps Band-Geek is Highland Band-Geek.  It was fine, but nothing I could see myself returning to by choice.

Oh, and before I forget, here is a personal little letter to the people at TomTom GPS service.
Dear TomTom people, we find your navigation system quite easy to use, however your P.E.I. maps are something to be desired.  On several occasions you have lead us down roads that no longer exist, and fail to acknowledge ones that do.  I spent at least half an hour or more today heading in the wrong direction (on several occasions).  So please, send someone to P.E.I. and update your maps.  There is an entire survey of houses that you do not know exists.  That is all.

So that was our day.  We ended it with going to an AWESOME restaurant in Summerside called Five Eleven West.  Great food, awesome staff.  Would go there again in a heartbeat!  We've had two later nights with Ephraim out about so I think the plan is to stay close to home tomorrow.  Supposed to be nice in the afternoon so we'll see what we get up to!


Kailey said...

I would like some chocolate covered potato chips please!!!! that sounds AWESOME!

Jeremy said...

If I remember I'll try to pick up some more. My only concern is that they may not travel well...