Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1419 - Modra

It's no surprise to me at all that Mongrel Media picked this film up for distribution - it's right up their alley. I was really hoping that Ingrid Veninger, the writer/director, was at the festival because I would have loved to chat with her afterwards - instead her mother stood in, and she was adorable.
This film is pretty gorgeous, the town of Modra is the kind that I think most people would probably love to spend some time in. This story is sweet and I think captures that awkward adolescence period pretty darn well. There are some moments that are so honest that you can't help but laugh out loud, and others that are touching and a bit sad. If nothing else the film has made a pretty awesome discovery in Haillie Switzer, she's the kind of person who you write down as someone you want to work with in the future.
No idea how big of a release this film will get, but for those who like character driving stories, you'll probably enjoy this one.

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