Sunday, September 26, 2010

Film Fest Tour: Day 5

7:52am Been awake for about an hour, which means I've adjusted to the new time zone, but it also confirms that my body will pretty much only let me sleep for six hours at a time. The hotel has a "Deluxe Continental Breakfast" so I'm very curious to see what's "deluxe" about it. I think I'm going to walk around and explore a bit as well. Our film screens this afternoon, and I might check out the film before it, Two Indians Talking which is supposed to be good. As for our film, I just really want people to show up at the screening :)

8:24am The "deluxe continental breakfast" at The Matrix is, surprisingly, deluxe. Eggs Benny, roasted potatoes, granola and a host of other breakfast appropriate carbs. Nice.

1:01am Just got in. Now… what the hell happened today. This morning I went for a great long walk to seek out a comic book store I'd heard about. I didn't buy anything, but it was a pretty awesome store called Happy Harbour Comics.
Then I went for a really lovely walk along the ravine on 100 Avenue on the way back to the hotel. Got to the theatre in time to screen a film Two Indians Talking, and then it was time to screen ours. Just before the doors opened we were about to do a test of the film on the screen, but one of the volunteers opened the theatre to let people in - so they had to hope that it would be fine, and it kind of wasn't. The aspect ratio was off, it was a little too bright, and the sound effects channel was off. However the audience, which was pretty damn plentiful, didn't seem to give a damn and the only way to fix it was to stop the screening. I think just like you don't wake a sleeping baby, you don't disrupt an audience that is enjoying your film. So I let it go. Most people stayed for the Q&A and it was great. It was moderated by Christian Zyp who interviewed me for the radio station a little while back, and the questions were intelligent. I didn't feel tripped up like I would doing these Q&As, which was nice. Lots of great feedback from the audience who seemed like the flick. The screening was full of laughs and reactions, and that's the best that I can hope for.
Afterwards Christine and I went to grab dinner at a place her lovely, very pregnant, friend Patricia recommended. I wish I could remember the place - it was amazing. I'll try to walk past it today.
After that I checked out the Fathers & Sons screening 'cause I'd hung out with Jay Brazeau the night before and I like Carl Bessai as a filmmaker and from what I've seen of him in interviews. I'll save my praise for that film for my little mini-review, but it was a delight. Really loved it. My original plan was to go and see Let Me In, but then the opportunity came up to go out with the Fathers & Sons crowd and I couldn't pass that up. I'm a big fan of more intimate sit-downs in bars with people as opposed to things like the party last night, so it was right up my alley and I got to hang more with Jay, who is one of my new favourite people - he's the kind of guy that makes you want to write something for him. And I got to hang out with Carl Bessai, who is a super nice guy. I consider myself pretty damn fortunate that I'm hanging out with some of our countries established directors.
So today was a good day - really great audience at the screening - got to hang out with some fantastic and talented people. Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to Christine, which sucks. It's been amazing having her along. But I'll be joined later on in the week by the one and only Kris Holden-Ried.
Tomorrow I hope to explore a little more of Edmonton before I head to Calgary on Monday.

I just noticed that we got a little shout-out in a Calgary publication. Click here to read about it.

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