Sunday, September 26, 2010

1427 - Two Indians Talking

Having done a fair amount of research into native issues with the historical documentaries I used to be involved in, I'm always curious about things like this. This film takes place in the 24 hours before a road block is to be set up on a busy highway - a road block that will cost millions of dollars in lost business for the area. This film is more or less a two-hander in the vein of Waiting for Godot or My Dinner with Andre, but the momentum sticks and it doesn't get visually bland. The cast is solid and the writing inspired. It never gets preachy as the conversation between these two cousins touches the pros and cons of everything from the road block itself to their culture and place in the world.
My fear with a film like this is always that it will never reach the audience that could benefit from it the most. People that don't give a shit about native issues are probably not going to bother checking it out, which is a damn shame. The film doesn't preach, it just says it how it is - and more people need to hear it.


Screenwriting Spinster said...

I want to see this!!!

Jeremy said...

It's a nice little film.