Monday, September 27, 2010

Film Fest Tour: Day 6

11:37am Today is a pretty casual day. Got up and had breakfast with Christine and then we said our goodbyes. She's got some work to do, and I want to check out the city. But first I headed over to her friend Patricia's place. She added me as a friend on facebook and I was browsing around and noticed that she does this great children's art. Check out here website here ( So I went down and bought something for Ephraim, whom I miss terrible. (I miss you too Emily, don't worry!)
Checking in on some e-mail. A good friend of mine (whom wrote the closing credit song for our film) sent me some tracks that he wrote from being inspired by the script that (we hope) is next for us to make. So that was a pretty nice treat to get. Now I'm just waiting for a ride to head down to Whyte Ave, which everyone says is the 'must-see-street' in Edmonton.

3:56pm Did a good little walkabout. Whyte Ave is nice, I'm sure that there are far more interesting shops than I went into, but my usual hunts are only for books, comics and movies. I had planned to perhaps do some clothing shopping whilst on my trip - perhaps in Calgary. So I had a nice 5K walk today, over the river - which with the leaves changing is pretty damn gorgeous.

12:21am I got to the cinema early and went out with some of the EIFF staff for drinks, including Guy the feature programer and Kerrie the festival producer. Really great people, and I can only imagine how hard they work their ass off to make this festival happen. Checked out Heartbeats, I couldn't get in to see The Pharmacist because it's a local film and everyone and their grandmother showed up to see it, so I went to see Frozen (which broke my all-Canadian-streak for this festival) instead, and then headed back for some much needed sleep. Head to Calgary tomorrow.

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