Thursday, September 23, 2010

Film Fest Tour: Day 2

8:05am I think it's official, my son Ephraim has ruined me for sleep. I got to bed shortly after midnight and was looking forward to a fantastic sleep. I got up around 5. Tossed and turned, slept kind-of-sorta-of, and then by 6:30 I decided to give up trying. Gave Emily and Eph a quick call and then I headed to the pool for a swim. It. Was. Cold. But refreshing! Hopped in the shower in my room and was greeted by the world's best smelling soap. My sometimes writing partner Ryan sent me some stuff to look at overnight, so I'm now going to head down to the lobby and see if there's a diner within walking distance so I can grab some breakfast and do a little work. I'm just hoping that these aren't the kind of breakfast places that open at 10am and laughably still call themselves breakfast places.

1:12am Today was busy. I went off looking for a place that I was recommended to for breakfast called Frank's Cafe, but after forty-five minutes I couldn't find it so I decided to settle for the hotel breakfast - which worked out great because I ended up randomly meeting up with Armand and we had breakfast together, after which we decided to watch each other's films in the media centre. So needless to say, I didn't get any work done. Tomorrow might not be any better.
Just as I was heading off to my CTV interview, the lovely Christine Horne got to the hotel. I really can't explain how happy I am that she's here. Of course, as a representative of the film, but I just really adore Christine and I like spending time with her. I got to CTV and they prepped me, letting me know that it would be a two minute interview and I'd probably only get answers to two questions in. So I decided to keep my answers short and tight so we could get more questions in and therefore more information out. I think I did pretty okay. They make you sit in a separate studio, just facing a camera, so that's… interesting… but I got a lot off, I was able to mention our distributor, talk about what the film's about, when it's screening, that Christine is in town, and then I was even able to pimp out the other two films in our screening program.
When I got back out Christine and I went for lunch at a place called the Laughing Buddha and one of the things they focus on is sandwiches. The five year-old inside of me decided on something called "Sticky Mouth", which was: peanut butter, bananas, cranberries, and cashews - with a pickle on the side. It was delightful.
I got lost walking back and rushed to a screening of a film called Everybody's Couch (or Le Divan du Monde), of which I'll sing the praises of below. I then climbed down the mountain and browsed through the Chapters waiting for Christine, we grabbed dinner and then watched Jack Goes Boating.
The after party tonight was fun again - not quite the same as being in a cave, but we really enjoyed the band playing in the background. It was fronted by a local musician named Sarah Craig, we're going to try and pick up her CD tomorrow at a music store nearby us.
We got back to the hotel and decided to hit the hospitality suite, where Christine's metabolism demanded a late night pizza, which Mireille one of the lovely programmers ordered for us. The three of us just sat around having drinks, eating late-night pizza and chatting. Really enjoyed myself, and now it's straight to bed. Christine and I want to keep up our tradition of going out for greasy spoon breakfast (and I now know where the place I was looking for this morning is) so we're going to do that, hit the record store, and then be cliches and go to the giant nickel, and then we're off to the screening of our film.

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